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Cream Cables by the Chord Company

Cream Cables are endorsed and used exclusively by the Robin Hoare Band. They provide unrivalled clarity, power and seperation between instruments. The best route to richness, pure sound and rockin' tone. Chord instrument and speaker cables have revolutionised the band sound. We use Carnival Silver Screen Cable to carry signal from our PA power amp to the speakers. Robin was first introduced to this unique high quality product by an in store demonstration at The Den Hi-Fi in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Below is the Chord Company's technical break down about Cream Cables.

The Chord Company has been designing and producing award-winning high-quality interconnects and speaker cable (to allow hi-fi and audio video systems to deliver their best) for twenty years.

Hi-fi enthusiasts have always known that the cables used to connect a system together can have a profound effect on the quality of sound. Cream is our first instrument cable. After extensive tests, we are convinced it outperforms the competition.

One of the most important things a correctly designed cable will do is to reduce the amount of interference the cable can pick up. (Professional music equipment deals with the interference problem by using balanced XLR connections to equipment. This is especially useful for things like low level microphone signals.) The interference issue is fairly straightforward. In most cases the cable is a simple coaxial design (an aerial cable is a good example of a coax cable). The central conductor carries the signal; the outer braid both protects the signal and acts as a return path to complete the circuit. Most guitar cables are built from coax cables.

An Instrument Cable presents some interesting challenges. Not only does it have to transmit the
signal as accurately as possible but it also needs to be highly flexible, resistant to both mechanical and electrical interference and of course, reliable.

The Cream Instrument Cable uses a screened twisted pair design and cotton spacers in order to minimise both mechanical and electrical noise and is fitted with very durable and reliable Neutrik plugs.

For many years now The Chord Company has been designing balanced cables. A balanced cable uses identical sets of send and return conductors. These are surrounded by an outer braid acting as a shield, but this is only connected at one end of the cable and is not part of the circuit. Balanced cables transmit tonal and dynamic information far better than straightforward coax designs.

One of the other factors that will have an influence on sound quality is the quality of copper the cable is constructed from. Standard copper, found in household wiring and many budget audio cables, is known as tough pitch copper. This contains 500 to 750 parts per million of oxygen and this will cause the copper to oxidise. The end result can be a dull, flat and rather lifeless
sound. Hi-fi manufacturers tend to use oxygen free copper for their more expensive cables.

Oxygen free copper is made in a way that almost completely eliminates the oxygen content and brings it down to around 50 parts per million. Not only does this make for a better sounding cable but it also makes for a cable that sounds better for longer.

The type of insulation used will also have an effect; particularly on the way the cable is able to carry tonal and dynamic information. Every type of insulator has different electrical properties, the really important one being the dielectric constant; the lower this is the better.

The Cream Instrument Cable uses a low density polyethylene dielectric. We have carried out a great deal of research into the way the insulation materials react with the conductor material and low density polyethylene not only produces a highly flexible cable, but is one of the best choices for use with oxygen free copper conductors.

Cream Instrument Cables are fitted with high-quality Neutrik connectors.

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