Robin Hoare

Sound Improvement Stands, The Den Hi-Fi

The Sound Improvement Stand has changed Robin Hoare's live sound noticeably over the past year giving him a uniquely dynamic, clear tone. They are manufactured in the UK by the Den Hi-Fi in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Precision engineered to liberate your tone!

Why Bother?

Environmental vibration at gig venues and studios is a major source of reduction in the quality of your sound.

Ideally, speaker cones should move as required by your playing rather than due to lack of level placement or cabinet vibrations, made worse by external factors where you are performing.

Amplification is also affected by vibration especially in a combo. Most combos have little or no damping technology.

Tube users may be aware of a problem called valve microphony. A valve moving around has real, negative implications for your sound. Tranny users don't escape either. Components such as capacitors don't like being bounced about when in use. These facts are well documented both through measurement and listening tests (ask Robin Hoare).

Heads placed directly on a cab get a double dose so effective de-coupling here is very helpful.

So, what do we do about it?

Enter the stands

Whatever is done has to be practical for musicians in everyday use, so I've made it that way.

The stands (made in England) are constructed in 2 parts:-

  • A - A fully welded steel frame (for torsional rigidity) with 4 adjustable, robust feet (for precise levelling). An option of 4 adjustable spike feet for serious de-coupling is offered with the head stand. Standard finish is black (other colours available).
  • B - The sound improvement platform sits within the frame to provide outstanding vibration damping when the combo/head is stood on it's surface. The plate is removable for transportation.

The sound improvement platform is a thin (4mm) near acoustically inert, plate constructed from a patented composite material.

Each stand is custom built to your precise specifications. A few simple measurements are needed. Each stand is individually priced (thus far ranging from £250.00 - £400.00).

What will I sound like?

Well how about:-

  • Louder. You can now turn it up as there is less distortion.
  • Clearer with greater room projection.
  • More detailed and dynamic.
  • More musical with each note focused & discernable.

Front of house will be better served. Audiences feel cheated if they can't hear what you are doing. The stand will help keep the listeners happy and assist your creative expression.

Bass players benefit especially with frequency balance. The stand helps present lower notes in a focused, spacious, tuneful manner rather than sound resembling a large rectal explosion.


The stand can be adapted for use in PA Rigs. Multiple tier versions can be created. Power amps really benefit from sound improvement platform vibration management.


Contact Neil Ramsden to explore further.
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