Robin Hoare

Robin Hoare

Robin first picked up the guitar aged 14 having been inspired by seeing B.B. King and Albert King on a TV special. He was taken with the directness of the blues and the stripped down passion of B.B. King’s style and the keening string bends of Albert King.
He started playing in bands aged 16 whilst also learning from some of Sheffield’s best jazz musicians including drummer Peter Fairclough. By 18 he was leading bands on the local pub circuit and made his first appearance at the National Blues Festival at Burnley in 1994. In 1995 he decided to pursue music as his living and began teaching the guitar, a path that has led him to becoming one of Sheffield’s best regarded guitar teachers and music educators. The decision to teach was deliberate. Robin did not wish to try to earn his living on the club circuit playing in cabaret acts. His first love was the blues and he was dedicated to developing his skills in that direction. A few years of honing his skills and cementing his reputation as a teacher followed.

In 1996 Robin met his musical collaborator bassist Danny Fox for the first time. They formed the backbone of his first trio, Junction 34 and this first collaboration lasted around 2 years.

In 2002 he decided it was time to go out under his own name and launched this phase of his career with a packed out night at The Deep End, a much missed club venue in Sheffield. It was during this time that he began to seriously work on his writing skills as evidenced by his first serious demo – “I Think About You” from 2003.

Danny Fox returned to the fold in 2006 and lifted the band to new heights. The natural empathy they display on stage is one of the cornerstones of a Robin Hoare Band live show. As bass players go Danny is no shrinking violet and adds a unique virtuoso bass style to the musical mix.

Since 2004 they have appeared at major UK festivals including Sheffield’s Philadelphia Blues Festival, The Great British R&B Festival, The Maryport Blues Festival and the National Blues Festival.

Last year Robin decided to make the most important move of his career so far. This was to record a new album with a proper budget and all original material. Robin gathered a group of Sheffield’s finest players and set to work at G2 Studios in Jan 2008. The album was finally completed in October 2008. It was recorded using Cream Cables from the Chord Company. These combined with the exceptional work of engineers and producers Paul Harris and John Sephton produced an album that instantly gained interest from the audiophile market – traditionally the hardest market to impress. Major UK hi fi companies like Creek Audio and Bowers and Wilkins use the Robin Hoare Band album “A Time and Place” to demo their high end equipment at shows and dealers all over the world. The Robin Hoare Band endorse Chord Company Cables and use them exclusively. The album is distributed by The Den Keighley in the UK and worldwide.