Robin Hoare

Promotions and Endorsements

Here are some of the companies supporting us in our work...

Cream Cables by the Chord Company

Cream Cables are endorsed and used exclusively by the Robin Hoare Band. They provide unrivalled clarity, power and seperation between instruments. The best route to richness, pure sound and rockin' tone. Chord instrument and speaker cables have revolutionised the band sound. We use Carnival Silver Screen Cable to carry signal from our PA power amp to the speakers. Robin was first introduced to this unique high quality product by an in store demonstration at The Den Hi-Fi in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Below is the Chord Company's technical break down about Cream Cables.

Sound Improvement Stands, The Den Hi-Fi

The Sound Improvement Stand has changed Robin Hoare's live sound noticeably over the past year giving him a uniquely dynamic, clear tone. They are manufactured in the UK by the Den Hi-Fi in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Bowers and Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins produce speakers for nearly every application and performance level, from the mighty 800 Series used in Abbey Road Studios to the diminutive Mini Theatre that will grace even the most minimal home. B&W also make the acclaimed Zeppelin I pod dock and provide in car audio for Jaguar. Simply one of the world's finest hi fi manufacturers.